Tuesday, 18 June 2013

How much blood must be shed?

We might be the only species that has ever developed television broadcasting for entertainment purposes. Imagine if you will aliens learning about us from our television broadcasts. What would they recognize first. Aliens! That is after all, what they are. An alien, having learned about humanity only from a cheezy 50's sci-fi film comes to earth to visit. SPACEGIRL Or SENTIENT AMBULATORY SINGULARITIES NEED LOVE AS MUCH AS ANYONE ELSE 4085 words. Only 99 cents at Amazon Kindle Blog at: http://utherblogge.blogspot.ca/ http://www.amazon.com/SPACEGIRL-SENTIENT-AMBULATORY-SINGULARITIES-ebook/dp/B008PZA0Z2 PLEASE READ AND REVIEW! Thank you, David Arrayet

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